Securing The .Net Cookies

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I remember years ago when we talked about cookie poisoning, the act of modifying cookies to get the application to act differently.  An example was the classic cookie used to indicate a user's role in the system.  Often times it would contain 1 for Admin or 2 for Manager, etc.  Change the cookie value and ...

ASP.Net Insufficient Session Timeout

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A common security concern found in ASP.Net applications is Insufficient Session Timeout. In this article, the focus is not on the ASP.Net session that is not effectively terminated, but rather the forms authentication cookie that is still valid after logout. How to Test User is currently logged into the application. User captures the ASPAuth cookie ...

EMV Chip cards: Overview

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When you shop at a store with a credit card it is typically done by swiping your card to conduct the transaction. The swiping action allows the credit card terminal to read your credit card number off of a magnetic strip on the back of the card. The downside to the magnetic strip ...

Static Analysis: Analyzing the Options

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When it comes to automated testing for applications there are two main types: Dynamic and Static. Dynamic scanning is where the scanner is analyzing the application in a running state. This method doesn't have access to the source code or the binary itself, but is able to see how things function during runtime. Static ...

A Pen Test is Coming!!

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You have been working hard to create the greatest app in the world.  Ok, so maybe it is just a simple business application, but it is still important to you.  You have put countless hours of hard work into creating this master piece.  It looks awesome, and does everything that the business has asked for.  ...

Are Application Security Certifications Worth It?

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In the IT industry there has always been a debate for and against certifications. This is no different than the age old battle of whether or not a bachelors degree is needed to be good in IT. There are large entities that have made a really good profit off the certification tracks. ...

Application Logging: The Next Great Wonder

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What type of logging do you perform in your applications? Do you just log exceptions? Many places I have worked and many developers I have talked to over the years mostly focus on logging troubleshooting artifacts. Where did the application break, and what may have caused it. We do this because ...

Future of ViewStateMac: What We Know

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The .Net Web Development and Tools Blog just recently posted some extra information about ASP.Net December 2013 Security Updates ( The most interesting thing to me was a note near the bottom of the page that states that the next version of ASP.Net will FORBID setting ViewStateMac=false. That is right.. They will ...

ViewStateUserKey: ViewStateMac Relationship

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I apologize for the delay as I recently spoke about this at the SANS Pen Test Summit in Washington D.C. but haven't had a chance to put it into a blog. While I was doing some research for my presentation on hacking ASP.Net applications I came across something very interesting that sort of blew ...

Bounties For Fixes

Posted by on October 11, 2013 · Comments Off on Bounties For Fixes
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It was just recently announced that Google will pay for open-source code security fixes ( Paying for stuff to happen is nothing new, we have seen Bug Bounty programs popping up in a lot of companies. The idea behind the bug bounty is that people can submit bugs they have found and then ...

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