ASP.Net Mobile Authentication

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I had the opportunity last week to help a co-worker trouble shoot some authentication issues with his ASP.Net mobile web site.  This is the first mobile site the company has created and is response to creating some applications that can be made available on blackberry devices.  The site was put together rather quickly using Forms ...

Outlook 2007 Hyperlink Security Warning

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Everyone knows that when a new version of software is released that there are many new features included. Unfortunately, a lot of these features are not documented that well. I came across an issue regarding a warning message in Outlook 2007 when clicking on a hyperlink pointing to the file system. The warning lets the ...

Visual Studio 2005 C++ Project Creation Failed

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I recently was assigned the task of creating a pocket pc service using visual c++ and was going to attempt to use Visual Studio 2005 to do this.  I opened up the IDE and clicked on "New Project" and then selected c++ smart device application.  To my dismay, the IDE got upset and said it ...

WinForms New AutoComplete Functionality

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One of the nice new features that have been added to winforms in 2.0 is the AutoComplete functionality for textboxes and comboxes. By setting up a data source (really just a source of strings) one can quickly add auto complete functionality to their forms. It is pretty simple to set up the auto complete functionality. ...

TablePanelLayout: An Overview

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The .net framework 2.0 has brought a few new controls to the winform environment. Among these new controls is the TableLayoutControl. At first glance, one might wonder why there is a need for this new control. It is easy to drag and drop controls exactly where you want them in a windows form. The control ...

TableLayoutPanel Styles

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Setting Styles: In the midst of working with the tablelayoutpanel I found I needed to control the styles of the cells. There is a lot to cover for controlling the rows and columns, so for now I am just going to cover the basics. The row styles ...

Hide properties in BindingList

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I was recently working on a project that needed a custom list of objects bound to a DataGridView.  I found the BindingList but soon realized that it bound all of my public properties to the DataGridView.  This was not the outcome I was looking for so I started doing a lot of research.  I couldn't ...