Reflector Goes Commercial

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Today appears to be the last day to download Red-Gate's .Net Reflector tool for free. The Reflector tool disassembles .Net assemblies back to .Net code (sort of). This is very useful to be able to grab an assembly, and not only look at the methods it contains, but also to view exactly what ...

DropBox Job Description – A Step in the Right Direction

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I recently logged into my DropBox account and noticed that the landing screen had a notice about current job openings.  I thought I would take a look at what they had available.  I clicked on the Web Engineer position (,Job) and was impressed to see one of their requirements: “You've seen CSRF and ...

Gmail’s Two Factor Authentication

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Google recently implemented a new "two factor" authentication option for their gmail application. Two Factor authentication adds another layer of security by requiring an additional verification after you enter your valid username and password combination. This makes it more difficult for a malicious user that may have stolen your password to actually access ...