Logic Error?

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I was reviewing some code the other day and I came across an interesting section. The code is written in C#. public void DoSomething() { if( 1 == 1 ); { // Do Something; } } What might not be immediately obvious is that there is a semi-colon terminating the ...

Security Awareness

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I have been working with application security for the past few years while doing my normal day to day development. I am very active in the security community and it always blows my mind how many developers are still uneducated about security. I believe that the trends of the hackers has moved from ...

Change in Scenery

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I recently started a new job after spending the last year doing consulting work for a local company.  Unfortunately, the recession has slowed work down a bit and I felt the best thing I could do for my family is to get a little stability into my career.  I guess it is difficult to really ...