Another Request Validation Bypass?

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I stumbled across this BugTraq( on Security Focus today that indicates another way to bypass ASP.Net’s built in Request Validation feature. It was reported by Zamir Paltiel from Seeker Research Center showing us how using a % symbol in the tag name (ex. <%tag>) makes it possible to bypass Request Validation and apparently ...

Request Method Can Matter

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One of the nice features of ASP.Net is that many of the server controls populate their values based upon the request method.  Lets look at a quick example.   If the developer has created a text box on the web form, called txtUserName, then on a post back the Text property will be populated from the ...

ModSecurity released for IIS

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It was just announced on Microsoft Technet that a ModSecurity extension is now available for IIS.  While this is still in Release Candidate status, a stable release is expected soon.  There are standard MSI installers for IIS 7 and later versions on Source Forge. For the full write-up please visit the Microsoft Research ...