When Should I Encode?

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A common question I hear from developers is when should they encode their data.  Protecting against cross-site scripting can actually be difficult, and it is good to hear the enthusiasm to properly encode.  I have seen developers HTML encode their data before storing it in the database, right as they pull it from the database, ...

Commenting Server Controls in ASP.Net

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How often do you just use an HTML comment to remove old code, or new functionality that isn’t ready yet?  Are HTML comments effective for ASP.Net server controls?  From a pure development context, they probably are.  When we factor in security, they no longer provide the functionality that was intended.  This post will explain an ...

XSS Validation vs. Encoding

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I came across an excellent post by Chris Schmidt on this topic which can be found at http://yet-another-dev.blogspot.com/2011/09/xss-validation-vs-encoding.html.  I think he has done an excellent job describing the problem and his point and I recommend you read his post.  I would like to take a moment to add some additional thoughts around ...