Solving the Unknown

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As a developer, I run into new things everyday.  I mostly work with Microsoft .Net technologies and it feels like an endless pit of information.  Most developer’s feel confident about what they know, and tend to leave the unknown alone until they need it.  Although I feel pretty knowledgeable about .Net, I have no problem ...

IE8 Not Saving Login Credentials

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IE has always been able to save and automatically log in to sites requiring your domain credentials.  In previous versions of Internet Explorer, you would set the site as a Trusted site in Tools…Options…Security by clicking the Trusted Sites icon and adding the url to the sites list.   Once entering your credentials and checking the ...

ValidateRequest Property (XSS)

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There is no doubt that while working with ASP.Net you have run into the ValidateRequest property for a web form.  This is a feature that has been around since version 1.1.  It prevents the server from accepting un-encoded HTML data, which can be used to exploit client-side attacks like Cross Site Scripting (XSS).  The most ...

CSSLP Certification

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This week I achieved the CSSLP certification.   This is a new certification by (ISC)2 for Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professionals.  The focus of this certification is on building security into the software lifecycle to help build more secure software.  I have been focusing on security during software development over the past 5 or so years ...

Logic Error?

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I was reviewing some code the other day and I came across an interesting section. The code is written in C#. public void DoSomething() { if( 1 == 1 ); { // Do Something; } } What might not be immediately obvious is that there is a semi-colon terminating the ...

Change in Scenery

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I recently started a new job after spending the last year doing consulting work for a local company.  Unfortunately, the recession has slowed work down a bit and I felt the best thing I could do for my family is to get a little stability into my career.  I guess it is difficult to really ...

TargetInvocationException Error

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I found my team spending most of the day trying to track down an error that was only occurring on Windows Vista.   We built our application and had our testers testing the software.  Some testers use Windows XP while others use Windows Vista.  Everything worked fine on Windows XP but there was an error on ...

Windows Live Writer Released

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Microsoft has finally released a final version of Windows Live Writer.  You can get it from here  My posts prior to this one have been written with the beta version of Live Writer. So far the experience has been really positive.  There are already some plug-ins to insert code snippets.  I haven't ...

ASP.Net Mobile Authentication

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I had the opportunity last week to help a co-worker trouble shoot some authentication issues with his ASP.Net mobile web site.  This is the first mobile site the company has created and is response to creating some applications that can be made available on blackberry devices.  The site was put together rather quickly using Forms ...

Outlook 2007 Hyperlink Security Warning

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Everyone knows that when a new version of software is released that there are many new features included. Unfortunately, a lot of these features are not documented that well. I came across an issue regarding a warning message in Outlook 2007 when clicking on a hyperlink pointing to the file system. The warning lets the ...

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