Change in Scenery

Posted by on March 2, 2009

I recently started a new job after spending the last year doing consulting work for a local company.  Unfortunately, the recession has slowed work down a bit and I felt the best thing I could do for my family is to get a little stability into my career.  I guess it is difficult to really feel stable in any market right now, but it is a little better than just being out on my own.

My change was from the laid back lifestyle of working from home three days a week to the requirement of being in the office eight hours a day, five days a week.  It definitely takes some getting used to.   The environment is getting better.  The first week or so was a little crazy as I worked to get my system running correctly and the management worked to get me some work. 

I have walked into a fairly large project and get the opportunity to work with both C# and VB.NET.  I was previously working with C# and VB6 so the upgrade to VB.Net is a great feature.  I have been working with both C# and VB.Net since the beta release, so it is not much of a culture shock to me.  I don’t get as much time to spend on forums answering questions for others which is unfortunate.  I feel as though I can make a positive impact on the new project so I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.


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