Outlook 2007 Hyperlink Security Warning

Posted by on October 23, 2007

Everyone knows that when a new version of software is released that there are many new features included. Unfortunately, a lot of these features are not documented that well. I came across an issue regarding a warning message in Outlook 2007 when clicking on a hyperlink pointing to the file system. The warning lets the user know that following the link could be dangerous and asks for confirmation before proceeding. After searching around for about 30 minutes I finally stumbled on to a KB article showing how to stop this warning. The solution requires modifying the registry by adding a new Security key named DisableHyperLinkWarning and setting the value to 1. Be careful changing this value as it will disable all hyperlink warnings in all of your Office 2007 programs. This can create a security risk. I have had other people ask about this issue and I hope that this will help others in fixing the problem.


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